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Regular Me

Here’s the thing:

People who are naturally good at things give terrible advice

They are like, “the secret ingredient is grit!” which is just productivity-speak for “try harder”.

“Try harder” is not a strategy! It has never worked in the history of things working!

Luckily for you, I am naturally terrible at a lot of things:

  • Getting things done (even things I love and want to do)

  • Keeping my house tidy

  • Keeping my brain calm and unfrazzled

  • Socialising without feeling like a complete alien

And so I’ve spent the last three decades years trying a million different systems, methods and mindsets to figure out how to just catch up to what it felt like the rest of the world could do automatically.

Then at age 33, I got diagnosed with ADHD, and was like “ohhhhhhh”. 

But listen: neurotypical people struggle with a lot of the same things ADHD people do, just maybe not all of them at once.

All the strategies I’ve learned just to get by are going to help you a tonne even if you don't have ADHD. And I'm learning new stuff every day.


McKinley grew up in a tiny copper-mining town on the edge of the Australian desert, and has established herself as a pioneering voice in what’s been called the “golden age of newsletters”. 


At 33, she was diagnosed with ADHD, bringing clarity to a lifetime of struggle with everyday life. She found the strategies she learned to cope worked for neurotypical people as well, and began sharing them.


In 2017, she began channelling her ADHD-driven curiosity into The Whippet, a fortnightly newsletter of eclectic mini-essays that encourage readers to deepen their curiosity and connection to the world around them.

Interviews and Guest Posts

McKinley is a quirky, insightful and always well-prepared podcast guest (see In The Media).


She records on high-quality equipment in a softly furnished room to ensure good audio.

She can help your audience develop their natural writing voice, make time for creative practice and tame their chaotic brain (whether they have ADHD or not).


Get in touch at or on Twitter.