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My name is McKinley, I'm a neurodivergent writer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I do a tonne of different stuff related to writing and helping others write well.

My other main strand is "research all the things".


Best way to get in touch with me is email or twitter:

Oh god I do too many different things

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Question writer for ABC's Hard Quiz

I research the contestant's chosen topic to find questions that will test them, while also engaging the audience by telling the story of the person/thing and showing why the contestant finds it so fascinating.

Copywriter & editor

I specialise in clear, effective, user-centred writing. I'm a huge believer in plain English and accessibility. Clients include WorkSafe, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and design studios Today and Paper Giant.

Fantasy/SF writer

Short stories published in Fantasy Magazine, Seizure, and Andromeda Spaceways' Inflight Magazine.

Business writing coach

I work with you on your real-world writing tasks, from reports to blog posts to stressful emails, often in a shared google doc. We work through problems together, looking at the structural level, the sentence level, and the 'who do you need to impress' level.

By talking it through in detail (including the logic behind different editorial choices, relevant rules of grammar, etc.), you improve not just that piece of writing, but your skills for future projects. I'm especially good at working with writers with ADHD.

Workshops & training

I run workshops on newsletters, content marketing, and writing for business.


As well as The Whippet, I've been producing and editing the Paper Giant newsletter for over three years.