Want to start a newsletter?

Firstly, I think that's a great idea.

Newsletters are increasingly the best way to reach people, because you can bypass the need for SEO and clickbait and just speak directly to your audience in a way that feels natural.

And I can help!

I currently produce three newsletters – my own, plus the newsletters for design studio Paper Giant and board game company Jellybean Games. I've consulted with dozens of others to help them get off the ground.

I've been asked to run newsletter workshops by Writers Victoria, and talked about the craft on podcasts (see: In The Media).

I can help you:

  • Nail your voice

  • Find the sweet spot of content that's interesting to your audience, but low effort for you (this doesn't mean producing junk content – it means playing to your strengths)

  • Figure out a consistent schedule you can actually sustain

  • Decide on the best software platform for you

  • Develop a growth strategy

Get in touch if you'd like advice!