• McKinley Valentine

Law & Order dunk-dunk

Law & Order Title Screen

Officially it's called "The Clang" but you know what I mean. It was composed by Mike Post and he gets royalties every time it's used. It's an amalgamation of about a dozen different sounds, including a banging gavel, a jail cell door slamming closed, and the sound of 500 Japanese monks simultaneously stamping down onto a hardwood floor. (Wikipedia)

It must be so strange to be a composer, and be famous for this one tiny sound effect. Or how Arthur Conan Doyle was ambivalent towards Sherlock Holmes ("In an attempt to deflect publishers' demands for more Holmes stories, he raised his price to a level intended to discourage them, but found they were willing to pay even the large sums he asked. As a result, he became one of the best-paid authors of his time.")

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